Registering Your Call Sign for D-Star

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OVARC does not provide a D-Star registration server.  See below for registration instructions. 

Before you can use the REFnnnx reflector features of any D-Star repeater you need to register your callsign with the US Trust servers.  If your callsign is currently registered with any D-Star system then you do not need to reregister your callsign to use the W7AI system.  To see if your call sign is currently registered go here -   If your callsign is not registered, go to for instructions on how to register your call sign.  For a step-by-step example of the registration process go to .  

The only registration server in the Tucson area is at:

DO NOT register your call sign with more than one registration server.  Multiple registrations will result in problems connecting to reflectors and are difficult to fix.  If you think you have registered on any other system, check before registering your callsign a second time.

If you need to register additional terminals such as a hotspot always log in to the registration server that you used to register initally.