OVARC Digital Repeaters List

OVARC Digital Repeater System

OVARC operates the following digital repeaters


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In addition, we have the linked analog system transcoded to D-Star reflector XRF310 Module E for normal operation. This allows D-Star users to link to XRF310E and talk/listen to the linked analog system. We plan on shifting reflectors from XRF310E to XRF310D for the Sunday night net. This will allow D-Star users from locations around the world to participate in our Club net. Club members with D-Star hotspots can use their D-Star radio to check into the net using the transcoder. D-Star will be unlinked at Main for the duration of the net allowing analog use of the repeater. The transcoder will be moved back to XRF310E at the end of the net. EchoLink operation continues also.