Field Day 2018

Field Day 2018

OVARC will participate in ARRL Field Day on June 23 and 24. If you aren't familiar with
FD, check FD is an exercise in emergency preparedness.
Recent hurricanes in the Caribbean have shown the value of HF radio (1.8 to 30 MHz)
which became the only method of communication when island infrastructure was
destroyed. American hams rallied, traveled to the island with their knowhow, skill, and
equipment to provide a link to the mainland within a few hours.

As always, PARTICIPATION is our goal. There will be opportunity for anyone wishing
to operate radios to do so on their choice of band and mode.

New hams, inactive hams, and would-be hams will have a chance to operate at our Get
On The Air (GOTA) station, which we intend to keep staffed for the entire period of
operation (11 AM Saturday to 11 AM Sunday) with an experienced coach. The coach
will be identified by a neon yellow vest labeled "COACH", and he/she will be parked at
the GOTA station. The station will have a simple HF radio capable of SSB voice, digital
modes (PSK31 and RTTY) and even CW Morse for the bravest newbies. The station
will have its own call, computer, log, antenna, and bands for operation. If you have a
new license that you haven't yet put to use, this is the place for you.

In addition to the GOTA station, we will have three HF stations in continuous operation:
one on 80 and 15 meters, one on 40 and 10 meters, and one on 20 meters. That
insures that each station is likely to have an open band and suitable antenna for the
entire 24 hours. Each station will be capable of operating on SSB, CW, and digital
modes. The stations will be subscribed in advance by one-hour blocks. An online
Signup Genius will soon be available so you can sign up to operate or assist in one hour
blocks. Signing up in advance insures an operator that he/she will find a station
available when he/she expects to operate and guarantees that no station will go

Operator is "captain of the ship" during his time slot, deciding which
available band and mode he/she wants to operate. Operator can sign up assistants/
loggers if desired. Each station will have extra headsets for loggers or spectators. If
you don't want to operate, pull up a chair, put on the headphones, and have a listen.

If you do want to operate, please become familiar with N1MM Logger software. It's free
for download at An excellent instructional video is available on the
Digital mode software is fldigi, also free for download at
We do need volunteers to be coaches for the GOTA station (license of general class or
above and some HF experience required). There will be a sign-up sheet for these jobs
on the signupgenius website.

Setup begins at 6 AM (to beat the heat) on Friday, June 22 at the W8TK property. Sign
in with our greeter when you arrive. We will provide coffee and donuts for all who show
up to help. We need to erect a couple antenna poles and a mast/beam, run some
feedlines, and connect some radios. Similar work was done in less than 2 hours last
year but come out and stay as long as you have time for.

Site is located at 10771 North Camino de Oeste but your GPS will not find it. From
Thornydale, take Lambert west to where it appears to end at Camino de Oeste. Turn
right (north) and go about 0.4 miles. You will see a wall with a few mailboxes (see
photo). Take the little dirt road at the wall to the west and in 100 yards you will have
arrived at W8TK. Lots of space, no antenna restrictions, and no obstructions from

Coordinates: 32º 24' 06.91" N,  111º 03' 55.55" W