OVARC Reference Library

OVARC, under the direction of our Chief Elmer, Tom, W8TK, has created a reference library of ham radio books that are available for members to borrow.  Most of these books have been generously donated by Tom himself.  Donations to the library will be accepted.  If you are intereseted in borrowing any of these books, please contact Tom, W8TK, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Title Author/Publisher
AC Power Interference Handbook Marv Loftness/ARRL
ABCs of Software Defined Radio Martin Ewing/ARRL
Aerials Volume 1 Kurt N. Sterba/Worldradio
Aerials Volume 2 Kurt N. Sterba/Worldradio
Aerials Volume 3 Kurt N. Sterba/Worldradio
Amateur Radio on the Move ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antennas John D. Kraus/McGraw-Hill
Antenna Book ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Anthology ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Compendium Vol.1 ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Compendium Vol.2 ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Compendium Vol.3 ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Compendium Vol.5 ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Compendium Vol.6 ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Compendium Vol.7 ARRL Staff/ARRL
Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur Fred Hopengarten/ARRL
ARRL Handbook 2005 ARRL Staff/ARRL
Complete Dxer Bob Locher/Idiom Press
CD Collection – QST 1914 - 1994 ARRL Staff/ARRL
73 Dipole and Wire Antennas Edward Noll/Editors & Engineers
DX Is! Charles T. Allen/Allen
Dxing on the Edge Jeff Briggs/ARRL
Electronics of Radio David Rutledge/Cambridge
Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe Leigh Klotz/ARRL
Ham Radio for Dummies H. Ward Silver/Dummies
International Antenna Collection George Brown/ARRL
Lightning Protection and Grounding Polyphaser Staff/Polyphaser
Low Band Dxing John Devoldere/ARRL
Low Power Communication Rich Arland/ARRL
Power Supply Handbook John Fielding/ARRL
Practical Projects George Brown/RSGB
Radio Amateur's Conversation Guide Jukka Heikinheimo/Transelectro
Radio Frequency Interference ARRL Staff/ARRL
Science of Radio Paul Nahin/Springer
Ten-Tec: First 40 Years N. L . Williams
Transmission Line Transformers Jerry Sevick/ARRL
Up Two (Adventures of a Dxpeditioner) Roger Western/Idiom Press
Vertical Antenna Classics Robert Schetgen/ARRL
VoIP Jonathan Taylor/ARRL
W1FB's Antenna Notebook Doug DeMaw/ARRL
WiFi and the Bad Boys of Radio Alex Hills/Dog Ear
World War II Radio Heroes Lisa Spahr
Yagi Antenna Design James Lawson/ARRL