2018 Radiosport and Field Activities Calendar of Events

This is a tentative schedule for Radiosport and Field Events Special Interest Group.  All activities and dates should be considered tentative until an article is published on the website or newsletter or announced at a membership meeting.  

January 6 Tom Mix birthday celebration from Tom Mix Memorial on Rt 79.
February 3 Commemoration of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 which ended Mexican-American War.  Operation from Titan Missile Museum.
March 10 Commemoration of Battle of Picacho Pass in 1862, westernmost battle of the American Civil War.  Operation at Ironwood group area, Picacho State Park.
April 21 170th anniversary of the Gadsden Purchase which made much of the American southwest officially part of the USA.  Operation from Colossal Cave.
May 5-6 7th Call Area QSO Party at W8TK.
June 23-24 Field Day at W8TK property.
July 4 Mt. Lemmon Independence Day celebration.  Ross and Hanna are hosts.
August 18 243rd anniversary of first Presidio Real de San Agustín del Tucson, precursor of the city of Tucson, Arizona.  Operation from downtown.
September 15 132nd anniversary of the final surrender of Geronimo at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona.  Operation from Chiricahua National Monument.
October 27 Shootout at OK Corral, Tombstone.
November 18 40th anniversary of founding of Oracle State Park.
December 8 Pearl Harbor remembrance from USS Arizona memorial on UA campus.