Radiosport and Field Activities Calendar of Events

This is a tentative schedule for Radiosport and Field Events Special Interest Group.  All activities and dates should be considered tentative until an article is published on the website or newsletter or announced at a membership meeting.  

May 6 7th call area QSO party at W8TK station
June 24-25 Field Day at Oro Valley EOC
July 4 Old fashioned small town parade and picnic to celebrate Independence Day at Summerhaven
August 19 Tucson's birthday.  Location to be determined.
September 23 90th anniversary of dedication of David-Monthan AFB.  Operation there (I hope).
October 15-16 Arizona QSO Party operation on Pima/Pinal county line
January, 2018 Celebration of Tom Mix birthday at his monument near Florence
April 25, 2018 Anniversary of Gadsden Purchase, making Arizona officially part of USA
May, 2018 7th call area QSO Party