OVARC K7T Team Wins AZ QSO Party Plaque

First Place in the 2014 AZ QSO Party goes to the K7T team from OVARC.

K7T 2014 AZ QSO Party

The 2015 AZ QSO Party will be held on October 11-12 and the K7T team is looking for HF operators who are interested in taking part in this event.  Contact Tom, W8TK if you are interested.  His email is tkravec at pobox dot com.

Contest of the Month - AZ QSO Party - Results

Contest of the Month: Arizona QSO Party, October 11-12

Here are the results of the OVARC AZ QSO Party team.

The contest was a great success, exactly TRIPLING the QSO total of last year's effort!

K7T (Oro Valley ARC) 

Station: W8TK

Operators: W8TK, NG7A, KC7AC, W1SR, NA6AF, W7HD, AK2L, KA7VPR, KF7LV

CW QSO = 157


SSB QSO = 435

Mults = 129

Score = 96,979


Contest of the Month - AZ QSO Party - Oct 11-12

Contest of the Month: Arizona QSO Party, October 11-12

Hams worldwide will be trying to contact Arizona stations during the AZ QSO Party.  This contest is fun because we become the hunted rather than the hunters, so there's lots of activity for AZ hams.   QSO Parties are very popular with "county hunters" from around the globe, so there will be DX stations as well as US stations seeking Pima County, AZ.  Contest rules: http://www.azqsoparty.org/

Last year a group of OVARC operators made enough QSOs to earn a nice plaque for the club.  This year we plan to host OVARC members at W8TK's station, operating all modes, all bands.  This contest is not as frantic as Field Day, so it's ideal for operators looking for a lower-pressure experience.   We'll provide food and drinks.  Please email me if you would like to join the group:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  No license is necessary and spectators are welcome.  

If you prefer to operate from your own station, put in a few hours for the glory of our state.  You'll enjoy!