March 2014 Club Meeting - "APRS - What and Why"

March 21, 2014 

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ

Special Meeting Notice

We have been informed that due to a scheduling error at the Ascension Church, we will hold our meeting this month in the "Grace Hall" instead of the Chapel.

Those of you who attended the OVARC Holiday Party last December know where the Grace Hall is located on the church grounds.  For all others, the Grace Hall is located around the rear of the church property.  When you arrive at the front of the church property continjue to your right and follow the parking lot to the very rear of the buildings.  You will see the entrance to the Grace Hall clearly marked.

Handyman Corner

by David, AD6KI

"HOA's and Antennas"

Those of us who live in HOA-regulated houses have a number of choices to make about our antennas:
COMPROMISE - Operate mobile, portable, or remotely
CONFORM - Follow the HOA Rules
CHEAT - Hide your antennas either surreptitiously or in plain sight
See how you can have a usable antenna in a regulated environment.



APRS - What and Why

Presented by Bob Stephens AF9W


APRSISCE Screen Shot

 APRS the Automatic Position Reporting System is more than just a way to track your vehicle or report weather.  In this presentation Bob will talk about how APRS can be used to provide tactical information during public service events and the hardware and software available for implementing APRS - from used TNC's to today's Smartphones and tablets.

About Bob

Bob was licensed in 1978 after a short stint as a CB'er.   His primary interests are HF CW both ragchewing and contesting, QRP radios, and public service.  He is the ARRL Emergency Coordinator for Oro Valley.  He is part of the PC OEM Communications Team and the communications coordinator for the Tucson American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure Bike Ride.  He participates as a communicator at the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo, El Tour de Tucson, and Old Pueblo 50 Run and other events as they come up.  During the summer in Washington state he participates in Summits on the Air which combines ham radio with hiking. 

Besides operating amateur radio Bob enjoys elmering new hams and helping experienced hams with new technologies.  As a member of the CW Operators Club he is a CW Academy Advisor for beginning CW operators.