May 2015 Club Meeting - "International Global HF Beacons"

May 15, 2015 

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ

Handyman Corner

Presented by Tom, W8TK

Doctor DX

Presented by George, NG7A

International Global HF Beacons

Presented by Charlie Mason – W4NJK

NCDXF Beacon Map

Are the HF bands dead?

Which bands might be usable at my location?

How do rare DX stations use the beacons?

How can we determine the optimal bands in about 3 minutes?

Charlie will discuss the International Global HF Beacons network- its origins, features and how you can use it from anywhere (with either an HF receiver or only an internet connection).  Once you learn this, you can try several Beacon Monitoring programs or smart phone apps and be equipped to try that next “quest” for DX, higher scores in any contest or portable HF operations.  I’ll also discuss some true happenings at beacon stations from high winds, theft and tropical ants. 

 About Charlie Mason – W4NJK

Charlie MasonFormer calls: K4BFA, W6NHG, W3HSZ, FP8BE, G5DGR, 8P9EW

Portable in –P4, PJ4,J3, PJ2, FO;

NORCAL QRP, HI-QRP; NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB (NCCC), NCDXF BEACONS Advisory Committee; entrepreneur and management consultant, wireless, spectrum strategy, license bidding, new services; rollout in 17 countries; BOD VC joint ventures; Tri-Sentinel founder; jointly hold 4 patents; First Responder tracking/location; Naval Aviator - Air medal