July 2015 Club Meeting - "Stealth Antennas"

July 17, 2015 

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ

Handyman Corner

Presented by Tom, W8TK

Doctor DX

Presented by George, NG7A

Stealth Antennas

Presented by Carl Foster KB7AZ and George Cooley NG7A

Getting on the air with HOA restrictions can be difficult, but using some innovative techniques you can be working DX from your home. Carl, KB7AZ, will headline July's meeting with a presentation that covers several different approaches to constructing and using antennas that are difficult for neighbors and HOA Nazis to find. Using very thin wire, camouflage paint, balloons, and fast-up/down antennas are all ways of getting on the air. In addition to the more usual methods of making stealth antennas, Carl will cover how to transform every-day objects such as fences and rain gutters into effective antennas. George, NG7A, will add to the discussion by describing how stealthy end fed dipoles can be used on the desert floor, using balloons to make vertical antennas for low band operating all night and small magnetic loops for operating close to the ground. The presentation also includes some commercially available low-profile antennas for the non-DIY hams. This presentation has inspired people who were limited to VHF and UHF operation to branch out into operating on the HF bands. If you long to get on HF but haven't because of HOA restrictions, the July meeting program is for you. Come and be inspired to join the ranks of HF operators.

 Carl, KB7AZ, was first licensed in 1970 and has worked as an RF design engineer from 1973 until he retired from Raytheon in 2011. He currently holds an Extra Class license. Carl's amateur radio interests include HF, VHF, DX, RTTY, SSTV, public service, and antenna design. Carl was one of the designers of the first digitally synthesized amateur transceiver, the Astro 200, which was sold from 1977 - 1980. Since then he has worked in aerospace data links including message protocols, telemetry, range tracking, and range safety. He is the current ARRL Arizona Section Technical Coordinator and OVARC board member.

George, NG7A was first licensed in 1981. As an RF design engineer and test pilot for the Army Research Labs, Global Wulfsberg Systems, UPS and Garmin, George has developed numerous radar, communication, navigation and data radios. Serving on many industry advisory committees for the FAA, he chaired the GPS antenna working group. A life member of the ARRL, George is still practicing for retirement near the local airport and enjoys the new found challenge of hiding antennas.