April 2016 Club Meeting - "Winlink and RMS Express EMCOMM Capabilities"

April 15, 2016

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ

Handyman Corner

Tom, W8TK, will talk about 2016 Field Day plans in lieu of the Handyman Corner

Winlink and RMS Express EMCOMM Capabilities

Presented by Bill Hickey, AB7AA

NewWL2KLogoSharpShort 0 0What is Winlink?
What Digital Modes Does Winlink Use?
What is RMS Express?
Together, What Can They Do For EMCOMM?

Winlink is a global hybrid network that employs both radio and internet for digital communications. It was initially developed by ocean sailors to support email communications worldwide, but it has undergone extensive refinement over the past 8 years to enhance it explicitly for EMCOMM. RMS Express is the user level software written to leverage the Winlink network for EMCOMM. RMS Express can employ digital modes such as Pactor and Packet which have hardware TNC’s, as well as Packet, Winmor, and ARDOP which have software/soundcard TNC’s. RMS Express can also communicate via TCP/IP, which makes it a candidate for communicating over the Internet, MESH, D-STAR, or cell phone SMS networks. The presentation will cover an overview of the network and basic RMS Express email messages with attachments at the new users level, but then continue to highlight recently developed features of interest to experienced users.

Bill was first licensed in 1965 and has held his present call (AB7AA) since upgrading to Amateur Extra in 1993. He spent his college years as a broadcast and studio recording engineer in commercial AM/FM/TV stations while receiving an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with Physics minor, and then did graduate studies in Systems Engineering. After college he spent a career flying various fighter aircraft while developing, evaluating, and teaching electronic warfare systems and tactics. He achieved the position of squadron commander in the Air National Guard A-7D Fighter Weapons School and helped initiate the F-16A Fighter Weapons School. After retiring, he had a second career as a commercial airline pilot.

To see a PDF copy of Bill's presentation, click this link.  Note - this download is approximately 5MB and may be slow to download.