August 2014 Club Meeting - "Laura Smith FCC General Counsel"

August 15, 2014 

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ


Handyman Corner

Presented by Tom, W8TK

Our chief Elmer and FD Chairman, Tom, W8TK, will show us how to make a high quality microphone for $1


FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement

Presented by Laura Smith, FCC General Counsel

FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith will be our guest speaker at the August meeting. Smith was named to the position, filling the vacancy created when Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, retired in 2008; Hollingsworth served in that position for more than 10 years as the Commission's enforcement watchdog over the Amateur Radio Service.

Smith, a lawyer and member of the bar in the state of Virginia, is no stranger to the FCC or Amateur Radio. She began her legal career with the Commission, working in the Mass Media Bureau and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), working with Senior System Analyst Bill Cross, W3TN; she also served as Deputy Division Chief of the Public Safety and Private Wireless Division. Smith also knew Hollingsworth through her father-in-law Richard M. Smith, former Chief of the Field Operations Bureau, at the time responsible for all FCC field engineering and enforcement activities. Richard Smith led many investigations of illegal uses of the radio spectrum, including the successful apprehension of "Captain Midnight" who overrode a satellite television broadcast signal. Smith also served as Chief of the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology (OET).

Smith has emphasized that an Amateur Radio license is "a privilege, not a right. When you come to the FCC and you sign up for a license and you get that license, you have agreed to abide by those Rules. That is inherent in the application process. As an applicant and a licensee, you have said, 'I will hereby comply with the Rules that have been enacted by the FCC.' So you have said, 'I will adhere to that.' And if you choose not to, then you are subject to losing that privilege."

We look forward to hearing Laura speak about her activities in the enforcement arena. 


June 2014 Club Meeting - "What We Owe the Amateur Service"

June 20, 2014 

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ


Field Day N1MM Logging Software Demo

by Tom, W8TK 

Tom, our Field Day Chairman, will be demonstrating N1MM the logging software that will be used at Field Day.  To get an advance look at the software go to  N1MM is a FREE software package that can be used to log virtually any contest or for general logging if needed.  




"What We Owe the Amateur Service"

--our obligation to make sure it thrives on our watch and to pass on the legacy.

Presented by W. Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH 

About Riley

In 1998 Hollingsworth became Special Counsel with the new Enforcement Bureau and rejuvenated enforcement in the Amateur radio service. He also managed the interference resolution programs in the Land Mobile and Public Safety services.

Prior to his joining the Enforcement Bureau, Hollingsworth was Deputy Chief of Licensing, Assistant Bureau Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and legal advisor to the Compliance and Information Bureau (formerly the Field Operations Bureau).

Hollingsworth managed the FCC's 800 MHz Lottery Task Force in which new 800 MHz spectrum was assigned in 13 cities. He organized the FCC's program in which underutilized radio channels were recovered for reassignment in major cities.

He participated as a Member of the Delegation from the U.S. State Department to Bucharest, Romania to discuss radio licensing in the United States and opening foreign markets to American manufacturers. He also acted as Co-Chairman for the FCC PCS Broadband and Narrowband Licensing Task Force and for that received the Vice President Gore "Hammer Award" for efficiency in government.

Hollingsworth holds a Master's degree from the University of South Carolina, and a Law degree from Wake Forest University. While in law school he worked as a "Nader's Raider" for Ralph Nader's Center for the Study of Responsive Law in Washington, DC, researching Brown Lung Disease among textile workers in the Carolinas.

He is a member of the Quarter Century Wireless, Radio Club of America and FISTS CW associations and has been an Amateur since 1960, with call sign is K4ZDH. He lives in Gettysburg, PA with his wife Pat.

2014 Dayton Hamvention Video

For those of you who didn't get to the Dayton Hamvention this year, Randy, KF0X, and David, AK2L, brought us this video from 2014 Dayton Hamvention.  It includes interviews with David Sumner, K1ZZ,  the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the ARRL, Bob Heil of Heilsound, the maker of ham and professional audio equipment, and a member of the DX Engineering staff.

Click the link below to watch the video.