February 2019 Club Meeting - POTA

Friday, February 15, 2019

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ

Elmer Clinic

Before the regular meeting starting at


Just before the regular monthly meeting on February 15th, we will sponsor an Elmer’s clinic. This clinic is to help members with a variety of issues mostly related to programming their radios . . .ANY radio. So bring your radio and if your manual is handy, bring that too and our Elmers will do their best to get you going.

Elmers will also address configuration questions associated with your HF rig. If you have difficulty getting your rig set up for CW or SSB or have questions on filter settings, bring those to the clinic.

We will also have some multimeter training. No 2 multimeters are alike so bring yours along and our Elmers will teach you what can be done with your specific model.

The Clinic will start at 6PM which is 1 hour prior to the usual meeting time at 7PM. It will be held in Grace Hall which is the room adjacent to the usual meeting room

Take advantage of your OVARC Elmers and let them help you.

Handy Man Corner

Presented By Tom, W8TK




Parks on the Air


Presented by

Jason Johnston, W3AAX



Operating a portable amateur radio station from a park can make for a relaxing day out especially here in Tucson. It also provides an opportunity to expose the public to the amateur radio service.

Parks On The Air (POTA) is a non-profit organization that supports the use of amateur radio in our state and national parks. Through promotions by Parks On The Air, more people will discover and enjoy our park system. This also directly helps amateur radio meet its charter of providing communications support in times of emergencies such as after natural disasters.

POTA provides a website where amateur radio operators can find nearby parks. Hams then set up temporary portable radio stations and attempt to contact as many fellow hams as possible. Visiting a park and getting on the air is called an "activation", and after each one, hams can submit a list of their contacts to POTA. The goals are to activate as many parks as possible and to talk to as many stations as possible. Certificate awards are then given for a number of categories.

Hams, like other park visitors, must obey all park regulations and leave no trace of their operation after they leave. Some hams have radios in their cars and operate from the parking lot. Some hams enjoy backpacking and hiking and may explore throughout the park, setting up operations almost anywhere.


Presented by W3AAX – Jason Johnston - POTA Administrator


Jason was an extremely active hunter and activator during the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) National Parks on the Air program. Parks on the Air (POTA) was inspired by the outstanding work of Sean Kutzko (KX9X) and Norm Fusaro (W3IZ) from the ARRL. Not wanting to see the fun stop since the National Parks Service’s centennial was over after 2016, he decided to create Parks on the Air (POTA) with a great team of volunteers. They have set up a website and systems to support their program, enlisting more national parks, state parks, and wildlife refuges in the United States, and other territories.

January 2019 Club Meeting - DXCC in a Weekend

Friday, January 18, 2019

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ


Handy Man Corner

Presented By Tom, W8TK




DXCC in a Weekend


Presented by

Bill, K6WSC


The thrill of working DX in a contest and following propagation around the world as day turns into night and back again is never ending. Have you ever wondered if you could work 100 DXCC entities in a weekend? How about with a low power modest station in the bottom of the sunspot cycle? We are about to find out. Welcome Bill, K6WSC, as he presents “DXCC in a Weekend.” Don’t know what DXCC is? Then come to the January meeting and find out. How about these “sunspots” that every is talking about? If you’re after long distance point - to - point contacts, then sunspots can be your friend. Bill will help us understand these too. His presentation is also a great introduction to contesting for the DXer. 

Bill K6WSC, although continuously licensed since 1969, was largely QRT for 37 years until 2008 when he got hooked on the Sport of Amateur Radio, Contesting. Primarily a CW operator, Bill enjoys both DX and domestic contests. He is a member of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club, Chairman of the Arizona QSO Party, and President of the Southern Arizona DX Association.

Holiday Party, Dues, and January Meeting





Ascension Lutheran Church, 1220 West Magee Road

Grace Hall


OVARC Members and a Member’s Guest are invited to the annual OVARC Holiday Christmas Party at 3PM on Sunday December 16 at Grace Hall. As in past years, the event is a potluck party and to avoid duplication you can check the following signup genius to see what dishes are most needed. The club will provide the main dish.


We will have a great raffle during the party with plenty of prizes so please take advantage of this members-only event. Please also consider bringing a non-perishable food item for the church’s food drive. 

There isn’t a sign-up genius for chefs but if you can arrive early to help setup the room and do some cooking, that would be excellent.


2019 DUES

Dues for 2019 are now being accepted. The good news is that we are able to keep the dues the same for another year. With rising expenses, it’s getting harder to keep our dues so low but please show your support for the club and pay your 2019 dues as soon as you can. As announced at the November OVARC meeting, members that pay their dues by December 31 will automatically be entered into a special raffle for a $100 DX Engineering Gift Card. If you’re going to renew your membership anyway, why not do it before December 31 and get into the raffle?

Click here to find out how to pay online through PayPal.


Arrangements are being made for a live presentation at the January OVARC meeting on January 18, 2019. As usual, we will hold our annual Election for Directors too.