May 2019 Club Meeting - DX Contesting Tools

Friday, May 24, 2019

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ


Handy Man Corner

Presented By Dennis, N6ITY

Anderson Power Poles for the Radio Amateur


DX Contesting Tools

Presented by

Bob Wilson, N6TV


Have you heard of CW Skimmer or the RTTY Skimmer? How about the Reverse Beacon Network? These are all tools frequently used by DXers and Contest Operators. During the presentation you will hear how these tools can help you, and what you can do to help others. 

Bob Wilson, N6TV, is a San Francisco Bay Area contester and CW operator.  Bob grew up in Southern California and received his novice license in 1972. He developed his CW skills on the National Traffic System as a teenager. His is an avid contester, and his favorite contest is The North American Sprint, which is a four hour contest. Bob received his Computer Science Degree at Berkeley and is considered to be a software expert. He spent most of his career at IBM, and is now retired. He is currently a member of the Northern California Contest Club, Northern California DX Club, and Mother Lode DX/Contest Club.

Bob is also a professor at Contest University in Dayton and a three time competitor at the World Radiosport Team Championship.


April 2019 Club Meeting - QRP

Note: this month's meeting was moved to April 26th to accomodate Easter celebrations

Click here to download the QRP Presentation PDF

Friday, April 26, 2019

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ


Handy Man Corner

Presented By Tom, W8TK

How to install an AC line noise filter


QRP Operating

Do More with Less

Presented by

Bob Stephens, AF9W



Operating QRP is a segment of amateur radio that focuses on low power, portablity, and home brewing equipment.  Although requiring some skill for effective operation, QRP has the advantages of light weight equipment, low power consumption, and less RFI in your neighbors’s electronics. Bob will discuss why you might want to operate QRP, what radios and antennas to use, what modes are effective, and what skills you need to acquire.
About AF9W

Bob was first licensed in 1977 and passed his Extra class license test in 1978. Bob joined OVARC in 2011 and was an active member of the club.  We have Bob to thank for the club's great website. His primary operating interests are HF CW, usually QRP, CW Contesting, Field Day, D-Star, DMR, and Packet radio.  Bob was a snowbird traveling between WA and AZ until 2017 when he permanently relocated to Whidbey Island in WA state. He is president of the Island County Amateur Radio Club on Whidbey Island.


Click here to download the QRP Presentation PDF

March 2019 Club Meeting - Satellite DXing

Friday, March15, 2019

7:00pm MST

Ascension Lutheran Church 1220 West Magee Road, Tucson, AZ

Show 'n Tell

Before the regular meeting starting at



Gather up a Ham Radio related project or 2 that you would like to show-off and bring it to the meeting.

There are power outlets in area, but bring an extension cord if you need to power up your item. By the March meeting it will be much brighter outside at 6PM so if you need an antenna hooked up to your item, consider the outdoor option.

Be prepared to tell others about what you have and why your excited about it. If you would like to simply show some pictures of your new 80Meter Log Periodic Antenna, that you built out of re-cycled coat hangers, that would be fine. Attach your pictures to some sort of poster board and bring it. If your item is mobile mounted, that’s fine as members can walk to your vehicle and have a look.

Anything Amateur Radio related is perfect; ham shack items, ham shack furniture and layout suggestions, workbenches, test equipment, antennas, handhelds, HF equipment, computers, WSPR gear, SDR radios, Raspberry Pi projects etc.

Bring what you have and let others learn from you! It will be like a mini ham convention.


Handy Man Corner

Presented By Tom, W8TK

How to tune your dipole


Amateur Satellite Communications

The Easy Way to Work DX for All Licensees

Presented by

Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK


Patrick Stoddard, WD9EWK will be our featured presenter. Live and in person, Patrick will present the fascinating world of amateur satellite communications. Once thought to be an exclusive communications mode for hams with big antennas and specialized radios, amateurs can operate satellites several times a day using a handheld radio and a handheld antenna. Satellite frequencies are open to ALL Amateur Class Licensees. So come and see how easy this can be. Patrick will begin with a brief history of amateur satellites and go right into the current satellites that are orbiting above us.

If you attended the 2018 hamfest, you might remember seeing Patrick working satellites right from the hamfest parking lot.

Satellite Communications is IMMUNE to the sunspot cycle so check out this easy way to work DX.

About Patrick

Patrick Stoddard WD9EWK/VA7EWK has been licensed since 1977 and is a Life Member of the ARRL and AMSAT. Between 2011 and 2013, Patrick was an alternate member of AMSAT's Board of Directors. After many years trying different aspects of amateur radio, Patrick began working amateur satellites in 2005. Since then, he has worked stations in all 50 US states and over 20 other countries from Arizona. Patrick has worked satellites from over 100 grid locators across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia. He has also worked satellites from all 15 Arizona counties, 19 other U.S. states plus Washington DC and has achieved his WAS and VUCC awards via satellite.

Patrick holds the top classes of license in the USA (Amateur Extra) and Canada (Basic, Advanced, and Morse qualifications). Although mostly active on satellites, he enjoys working HF, 6m, and other bands and modes.

Professionally, Patrick is an I.T. systems administrator in the Phoenix area, with 20 years experience in the I.T. field.