Hams and Eggs- New Location

New Saturday Breakfast Location

by Steve, W1SR

For over a month, about a dozen club members have been looking for the ideal place for the Hams & Eggs Breakfast. Finding a place that met our requirements in Oro Valley, the home base of the club, didn’t seem possible and so we settled on the Village Inn in Marana.

After trying several places with disappointing results we recently tried The Views Restaurant on Rancho Vistoso Blvd. on the grounds of The Views Golf Club in Oro Valley. It was terrific and the menu is on par with the The Village Inn. I’ve arranged for the club to have their Hams & Eggs Breakfast there on Saturday July 15th. Without trying to sound snooty, if you don't want to feel out of place you might want to consider wearing a buttoned down shirt since the restaurant is officially part of a country club and we don't want to see OVARC members confused with the greens keepers. I think everyone will be pleased at the relaxed atmosphere and very reasonable prices that are no more expensive than the Village Inn. The trade off here is that all of the parking is under cover. So you can tank up on hot coffee and get into a cool car for your drive home.

With regard to the menu, I ordered the exact same items as I normally would at the Village Inn. The portions were bigger and my check was exactly the same. There were plenty of coffee refills and getting into a cool car for the ride home was a nice treat.

So let’s plan to give this a try on Saturday July 15th at 7:30. (They open at 7AM)

GPS Address: 1555 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Oro Valley, AZ 85755


Map to Views Restaurant


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Hams and Eggs Update June 12 2017

As expected, finding an alternative place for our Hams & Eggs Saturday morning breakfast hasn't been easy. Last weekend, in case you didn't make it, we tried the iHOP off Cortaro Road on the east side of the Freeway. The results were less than satisfactory and a departure from what was promised to me by their manager.

This morning I called The Village Inn in Marana and spoke to Jacob. I arranged for us to return next Saturday morning.

So we are set for next Saturday morning June 17th at The Village Inn in Marana. Of course, this is the morning after our regular monthly O.V.A.R.C. Meeting scheduled for this Friday evening June 16th at 7PM.

I hope to see you all this coming Friday for the Club Meeting as well as on Saturday at The Village Inn in Marana.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out.


Village Inn GPS Address: 5955 West Arizona Pavilions Drive, Marana, AZ 85743

Hams and Eggs Update

Saturday, June 3, we had a great turn-out at the HAMS & EGGS BREAKFAST at the alternate location. Thanks to so many for being dedicated breakfast lovers AND ELMERS.

The original Village Inn on Oracle Road doesn't even look like a restaurant any more. All of the signs are down on the building and even the street sign at the edge of Oracle Road has been removed.

Yesterday, after breakfast at the Village Inn, David-AK2L and Steve-W1SR visited the iHop along on the east side of the Freeway just off Cortaro Road. They have a nice glass enclosed room that is readily available at the time slot we need. Later in the morning Howard-KC7AC, Gary-KT7AZ and Steve-W1SR visited the Coco's at Ina and Oracle Road. They do have a separate room but unfortunately it is occupied until 8AM which rules out this location.

While we continue researching our options, we will meet this coming Saturday June 10 at the iHop near Cortaro Road and the Freeway. For your GPS, the actual address is 8445 N. Cerius Stravenue Tucson AZ 85742. It is a relatively new building and there is plenty of parking especially in the back. We hope to see everyone this weekend.

Hams and Eggs News

Hams and Eggs News

The Village Inn on Oracle Road, where O.V.A.R.C. has held its Hams & Eggs Breakfasts for many years, is now officially closed. But breakfast lovers, do not despair.

As rumors of the closing surfaced several weeks ago, our requirements for a replacement venue became clear. Ideally, we need a restaurant that can accommodate an average of 21 people, all with separate checks, in a separate room with a served menu comparable to the Village Inn. We also need a place that will allow us to discuss ham radio subjects for about 2 hours, much longer than routine breakfast guests occupy their table. Finding a place like this in close proximity to the Village Inn on Oracle is a tall order.

While an informal group of breakfast lovers will be checking out a few options, we will temporarily relocate our Hams & Eggs Breakfast to the Village Inn at 5955 West Arizona Pavilions Drive in Marana. This location is across the street from the Walmart along side the freeway at Cortaro Road. As there isn't a separate room at this Village Inn, it is not likely that we will relocate to this location on a regular basis.

Stay tuned as other options are researched.