Hams and Eggs News

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Hams and Eggs News

The Village Inn on Oracle Road, where O.V.A.R.C. has held its Hams & Eggs Breakfasts for many years, is now officially closed. But breakfast lovers, do not despair.

As rumors of the closing surfaced several weeks ago, our requirements for a replacement venue became clear. Ideally, we need a restaurant that can accommodate an average of 21 people, all with separate checks, in a separate room with a served menu comparable to the Village Inn. We also need a place that will allow us to discuss ham radio subjects for about 2 hours, much longer than routine breakfast guests occupy their table. Finding a place like this in close proximity to the Village Inn on Oracle is a tall order.

While an informal group of breakfast lovers will be checking out a few options, we will temporarily relocate our Hams & Eggs Breakfast to the Village Inn at 5955 West Arizona Pavilions Drive in Marana. This location is across the street from the Walmart along side the freeway at Cortaro Road. As there isn't a separate room at this Village Inn, it is not likely that we will relocate to this location on a regular basis.

Stay tuned as other options are researched.