Hams and Eggs Update

Saturday, June 3, we had a great turn-out at the HAMS & EGGS BREAKFAST at the alternate location. Thanks to so many for being dedicated breakfast lovers AND ELMERS.

The original Village Inn on Oracle Road doesn't even look like a restaurant any more. All of the signs are down on the building and even the street sign at the edge of Oracle Road has been removed.

Yesterday, after breakfast at the Village Inn, David-AK2L and Steve-W1SR visited the iHop along on the east side of the Freeway just off Cortaro Road. They have a nice glass enclosed room that is readily available at the time slot we need. Later in the morning Howard-KC7AC, Gary-KT7AZ and Steve-W1SR visited the Coco's at Ina and Oracle Road. They do have a separate room but unfortunately it is occupied until 8AM which rules out this location.

While we continue researching our options, we will meet this coming Saturday June 10 at the iHop near Cortaro Road and the Freeway. For your GPS, the actual address is 8445 N. Cerius Stravenue Tucson AZ 85742. It is a relatively new building and there is plenty of parking especially in the back. We hope to see everyone this weekend.