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Announcing the HF Radio Loaner Program

On AirAnnouncing the HF Radio Loaner Program

The Oro Valley ARC is pleased to announce a new benefit for its members. An extension of the mentor program, the HF Radio Loaner Program is designed to help those who are new to HF by providing radios and antennas to get you on the air!

The program allows members to borrow an HF radio for up to 90 days like checking a book out of the library.  See http://www.tucsonhamradio.org/new-ham-resources/274-hf-radio-loaner-program for more details on the program.  

2016 Election Results

Elections for 2016 board members where held at the January 15 membership meeting. Elected to the board where:

Scott, K7ADX

Fred, W2HZ

Lanny, KF7LV

Hannah, KG7TPD

Ross, K4WBR

They will join the current board members whose terms do not expire until January 2017:


Bob, AF9W

Carl, KB7AZ

Steve, W1SR

Following the general meeting and election, the board met and elected officers for 2016.

They are:

Bob, KA7VPR, President

Steve, W1SR, Vice President

Carl, KB7AZ, Secretary

Hannah, KG7TPD, Treasurer

The new board is looking forward to another great year for OVARC.



The OVARC repeater technical team has been experimenting with Yaesu System Fusion C4FM over the last few weeks. The intention is to see if the DR-1X repeater system will integrate into our existing linked repeater system and then provide both Digital and Analog upgrade paths toward replacing our 25-year-old repeater gear. The work goes on to decide if making the move to the Yaesu repeater is a wise one, while taking into consideration the deadline for purchasing the Yaesu gear at a greatly reduced price by December 31, 2015.

Please keep in mind that we HAVE NOT made a decision to implement Yaesu C4FM into the OVARC repeater system as of yet. We have received questions from club members as to whether or not to buy into Yaesu System Fusion at this time is a wise decision. We the Board of Directors along with our newly appointed "Repeater Committee Chairman” Gary KT7AZ are NOT suggesting that any of you make a decision to purchase Yaesu Fusion gear at this time while basing your decision on the anticipated OVARC move toward adopting the C4FM Digital format. In fact, information brought out at the December 12 Board meeting may suggest that the DR-1X Fusion repeater may NOT serve our purposes due to technical deficiencies in operation and design.

Currently there are a few Fusion repeaters in our area that may be used with C4FM Fusion. We suggest your checking into their coverage to determine if it suites your needs, and warrants your making a Fusion purchase. Please DO NOT make an investment decision in anticipation of OVARC installing these repeaters at this time.

The OVARC Board of Directors

Date Change for February 2016 Board Meeting to February 20th

The OVARC Board Meeting normally scheduled for February 6, 2016 will be rescheduled to February 20th due to a conflict with the EOC meeting room and the 24HOP event. 

 The board meetings are held at 9:00 am at the Oro Valley PD Substation EOC next to WalMart on Tangerine Rd.  Meetings are open to the public.