OVARC Repeater System

The Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club currently has four wide area analog repeaters and three D-STAR repeaters.  All of our analog repeaters are normally linked via VOIP over internet connections.  Our D-STAR repeaters are normally linked to REF0055C.

All of our repeaters are open to ANY licensed ham.  We invite you to use these repeaters as often as you like.

2 Meters

146.620(-) PL 156.7 W7AI

Located on Keystone Peak 

Antenna Height: 100+ Feet
Elevation: at nearly 7,000 feet
Power Output: 100 Watts
Antenna: Decibel DB-224
Feedline: 7/8" Hard Line
Repeater: Kenwood TKR-750B

Coverage Map


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147.32 (+) PL 156.7 W7AI 

Located on the Golder Ranch Fire District tower on Golder Ranch Road in Catalina, Arizona.

Antenna Height:  57 Feet
Elevation: 2584 Feet
Power Output: 30 Watts
Antenna:  Tram 1491
Feedline:  LMR-400
Repeater:  Kenwood TKR-750B

Coverage Map

Golder Ranch

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444.100(+) PL 156.7 W7AI

Located at the Oro Valley Police Main Station - WIDE Northwest coverage and additional Tucson Coverage

Antenna Height:  Feet (adi)
Power Output: 50 Watts
Antenna: JetStream JTB3
Feedline: LMR-400
Repeater: Kenwood TKR-850B

Coverage Maps


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447.525(-) PL 156.7 W7AI

Located at Marana Town Center


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 Digital Repeaters

445.800 (-5.00Mhz)  W7AI   B

Located near Naranja and La Canada Drive in Oro Valley, AZ

Repeater: ICOM ID-RP4000V D-STAR

Antenna: Decibel 8 Bay Folded Dipole

Power Output: 20 watts

Controller: ICOM ID-RP2C

445.1375 (-5.00Mhz)  KG7PJV   B

Located on the north side of Tucson in the Foothills

Repeater: Homebrew with ICOM IC-207 receiver, ICOM IC-208H transmitter. 

Antenna: 5db Gain

Power Output: 15 watts

Controller: Raspberry Pi & DVRPTR_v1 NA running G4LXK ircDDBGateway and DStarRepeater on Pidora Linux.  

440.7625 (+5.00Mhz)  KG7RWN   B

Located Near Camino Seco and 22nd St

Repeater: Yaesu FT-7100 receiver Yaesu FT-7800 transmitter

Antenna: Decibel 8 Bay UHF vertical, 9db gain on a 90 foot tower, about 3000 ft above sea level

Power Output: 3 watts into a UHF Ampifier for 35 watts into the antenna

Controller: Raspberry Pi 2 and DVRPTR_v1 running G4KLX ircDDBGateway and DStarRepeater software


445.7375 -5.00Mhz W7NFL C

Located in Saddlebrooke, AZ near the Mountain View Clubhouse

Repeater: Yeasu FT-7900R

Antenna: Ringo

Power output: 10W

Controller: Raspberry PI

444.750 +5.00Mhz W7NFL B

Rpeater: Yeasu Fusion

Antenna:  Diamond

Power Output: 15W

Controller:  Raspberry PI


The OVARC system supports the Echolink node W7AI-L node number 99946.


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