Sunday Night Net

operator ham radioJoin the group every Sunday night at 20:00 MST (8:00PM) on the OVARC repeater system for the Sunday Night Net.  Radio Tradio where you can list ham radio items for sale is part of every Sunday's net. Everyone is welcome on the net regardless of club affiliation.We are always looking for Net Control Stations so if you would like to try your hand at being NCS, contact Brian, W4ES, our Net Manager at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tucson Slow CW Net (TSN)

CW Key

Tucson Slow CW Net (TSN)

New to CW or just a little rusty, then the Tucson Slow Net (TSN) is just for you. It meets Wednesday evenings at 1930 MST on 28.310 MHz.

Net speed is not greater than 10 words per minute, sometimes with Farnsworth spacing, where characters are sent at 18 wpm but spaced 10 wpm. This helps operators recognize characters by sound and makes learning Morse easier.

A more detailed letter outlines the rhythm of a CW net and the few Q-codes that are used. The TSN is not too chatty: everyone gets checked-in, a short announcement is transmitted, and then individual stations are invited to say a short message before checking out. The idea is to keep it simple and let everyone practice hearing and sending

Attached is a list of the ARRL codes typically used. Two important ones are QRU = no traffic and QTC = traffic to list.

Hope to hear you on soon!

Tucson Slow Net Introduction

Q Codes